About Us

A Commitment To Delivering The Best In Tire Excellence

As we drive our cars down the road, most of us really don’t give much thought when it comes right down to our car’s performance, especially with respect to our tires and how the contact patch, treading patterns, sidewalls and general tire wear and tear all play a critical role with respect to our car’s performance. You’ll often hear people boast about the handling characteristics of a specific car, but do these same people really understand the role the car’s tires play in its performance?

Here are the hard and true facts: the ride quality and overall performance of any vehicle is heavily dependent on the small contact patch of rubber that meets the road. Here at Race Car Logistics our strength lies in the fact that we have over 60 years of deeply entrenched experience in the sport of auto racing, where performance of the contact patch is of upmost importance, and can be the single difference between a driver winning or losing a race. We have taken this experience, molded it, built upon it and expanded it to service not only auto racers, but also your every day vehicles, which carry the most prized possessions of all; you and your family.

Choosing the correct tire specifications for your vehicle depends on any one of a multitude of different factors, not the least of which include the vehicle’s weight, the type of vehicle, and your specific driving style. Whether you’re driving a sports car, an SUV, a luxury car or a small/mid-sized sedan, we can help you make the right choice for your specific vehicle’s needs; a decision that will dramatically impact not only your car’s performance, but also your peace of mind.

Race Car Logistics prides itself on a steadfast commitment to delivering the best in customer service excellence. Our team of trained, experienced and highly specialized consultants are standing by; ready, willing and able to happily answer any and all your questions, helping you make the right tire choice in the process. We look forward to handling all your tire needs because after all … where the rubber meets the road is where we call home!