Racing Heritage

Race Car Logistic's strength lies in the fact that it is a company built from the ground up on a solid racing foundation, which is the result of a steeped racing heritage. Each one of our dedicated staff members not only has a racing pedigree, but they also live, breathe and are passionate about the sport of auto racing 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year; and perhaps none more so than our very own Jim Platis.

One of the cornerstones of Race Car Logistics, Jim, like many of our staffers, is a man with deep family racing roots. Born on July 28, 1960 and raised on the famous European racing circuit, Jim’s father was a very accomplished race car driver and mechanic in his own right. His father was a team member for Mazda’s first effort at the WRC in 1969 and he was also responsible for building and racing one of the fastest BMW 2002’s in the world, while also having close ties with Alpina and the factory in the process. He even has the distinction of winning the manufacturer’s trophy, as part of the only team to finish the 1969 Rally Acropolis with all three of their entries. In addition to Jim’s father, a large portion of his extended family members have also been involved with the sport of auto racing for many decades. His uncle was an accomplished rally racer as well, logging many victories in the rally racing circuit in Canada. His cousins also started racing at a young age; one winning the national karting championship of Greece an amazing three times, and the other becoming the national circuit champion of Greece. Both hold multiple records at all different levels of motorsport throughout Europe. Jim’s cousins have also coached seven European karting champions throughout their respective careers.

As for Jim himself, like most aspiring motor sport athletes, he started out by driving karts at a very young age. In 1972, he immigrated to North America with his family where he shifted his focus to his educational studies. He attended the University of Florida and earned a Political Science degree and a minor in Chemistry. While in University, Jim drove sporadically on different circuits, while concentrating on his studies and later, on his various business ventures. In 2007 he decided to get involved with racing again in a serious manner, and entered in a NASA Time Trial.To that end, Jim currently holds a NASA competition license and a NASA Instructor certificate.Jim is also a graduate of the competition school and currently instructs in HPDE programs, as well as private instruction. He is happily married with two beautiful children.

  • NASA 2008 National Champion
  • NASA 2008 Regional Champion
  • NASA 2007 Regional Championship Runner-Up
  • Multiple Track Record Holder 

Jim truly exemplifies what Race Car Logistic is all about; an entrenched racing heritage. Our birthright is racing, it’s what we do and we are privileged to be able to share our knowledge and expertise in this capacity when it comes to servicing you, our cherished clients.